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Top 10 internet pictures you need to look at twice to understand if it’s a hoax or actually real!
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Today it is harder than ever to figure out whether a photo is fake or real, and we’re still not quite trained enough to be able to make educated decisions upon first glance. Photo editing has made some incredible strides in the last ten years to the point where artists and designers can emulate real life and create some of the most stunning images that we have ever seen. But sometimes Mother Nature can be just as incredible of an artist and no editing is needed if the photographer is at the right place at the right time. This video will keep you guessing whether the photo is real or fake with several images that seem like they are too good to be true.
If anything, these images both have very positive outlooks in the fact that they show just how far we’ve come with technology and how beautiful and incredible the world around us can be. Of course, it takes some training and good timing to capture the beauty of Mother Nature or just a stroke of luck to capture an image that doesn’t seem to be real.
These photos have taught us how we shouldn’t trust what we see initially. Instead, we need to conduct proper research because it is now harder than ever to figure out whether something is real or just a product of fiction. If we’re wrong, while our credibility suffers, there is a lesson to be learn at our ability to make judgments. These ten photos are the starting point of learning more about nature as well as manipulation.
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Melting Tree
United States at Night
Rubber Duck
Mystic Forest
Indoor Cloud
Solar Eclipse & Milky Way
Low Landing
Sharks in New York
Colorful Springs
Pending Doom
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