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Top 10 popular photos that turned out to be staged or fake
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When the first camera was made, were the inventors thinking about how the future would handle photography? Or that one day someone would be splicing a dog’s head to a supermodel’s body and trying to pass it off as legit? As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But what happens when those words are nothing but lies? Photography has been a burden of proof for hundreds of years, and has both started and ended lives in a single click. Of course, as the course of photographic evolution has continued, editing photos is now easier than ever thanks to software. Photo editing software has created both artists and liars out of all of us. Also, because people in today’s society are exceptionally gullible, it is now easier than ever for a fake photo to go viral. This is mainly due to social media, with people being able to reach millions of others in just a simple click.
Even in the early years of photography, photos were easily faked. All it took was a skilled hand who had the ability to manipulate a photo on film. Then as photography moved towards the digital route, it was easier than ever to edit photos without having to spend hours in a red-lit room handling chemicals.
One of the most faked types of photos are nude photos. Because celebrities have their photos taken on a regular basis in many different types of light and angles, it’s easy to pull a photo and splice it onto another photo and passing it off as legitimate. Careers have been compromised and even ruined because of photo editing software that has made it easy to create a fake photo. With programs like Photoshop that bring ease in editing and creating spectacular images, one doesn’t even need to go to school or get a degree anymore to create a fake photo. In a world where everyone can be a photographer if they own a phone, taking photos and editing them is easier than ever thanks to apps that can be uploaded onto a smartphone. With a simple swipe of fingers, one can pass work off as legitimate and collect a pretty hefty check from the media and news outlets.
In this video are ten of the most well-known viral photos that fooled everyone, and ultimately ended up being fake. Some of these pictures include ghosts, people in compromising positions, and animals defying the laws of nature doing incredible things. Of course, once it is well known that the photo was fake, there is a level of anger and disappointment as well as the feeling of vulnerability when one realizes that they were easily fooled.
How does one figure out that a photo is fake? It takes a keen eye, some experience, and a gut feeling. Some people don’t even need a background in photography or graphic design to know a picture is fake, while other photos are so well put together that it can require a magnifying glass and analytics to figure out whether a photo is legitimate.
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