Kobe Bryant Top 10 Impossible Shots

Impossible Shots From One Of The Best Bad-Shot-Makers In The History Of The Game.
Part 2:
Description of the plays that are in the video:
10. Game Winner Fadeaway vs Milwaukee Bucks (2009)
9. Buzzer Beater Fadeaway Three vs Houston Rockets (2009 Playoffs)
8. Fadeway vs Phoenix Suns (2010 Western Conference Finals)
7. Fadeaway vs Miami Heat (2010)
6. Behind The Backboard Shot vs Oklahoma City Thunder (2009)
5. Fadeaway vs Cleveland Cavaliers (2009)
4. Tough Shots Compilation vs Dallas Mavericks (2013)
3. Fadeaway Three vs Portland Trail Blazers (2007)
2. Game-Tying and Winning Threes vs Portland Trail Blazers (2004)
1. Game Winner Fadeaway Three vs Miami Heat (2009) – View Point Films

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