The Weirdest Subcultures in the World

Top 10 of the most bizarre sub cultures on this planet. Some of these are funny and others are just creepy.
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There was a time when popular culture was, really, the only form of culture. Entertainment and hobby options weren’t nearly as plentiful and communication wasn’t nearly as readily available, making it difficult to explore beyond the standard styles and common interests of the day. There was no counter culture, no real vehicle by which an individual could reject the prevailing order.
Needless to say, that is no longer the case. Modern culture is awash in every imaginable niche market and cultural offering. Regardless of your taste in clothing, television, music or food, odds are that you can find a variety of options to successfully suit your needs and desires. Moreover, even cultural interests that may seem to go against the grain of what is deemed to be normal and commonly popular have become at least partially normalized through the ease with which you can find and connect with like-minded people. Chat rooms and other online societies have played an integral role in linking people up with those who share the same unique, specific interests as they do, enabling the development of a community for any number of sub-genres.
And make no mistake – there certainly are some weird ones out there. For the proliferation of options available at the fingertips of odd hobbyists, the web has opened the floodgates to people exploring their innermost quirks and unconventional fascinations – and learning that they are not alone in their obscure interests. Some hobbies and passions explored online involve self-harm or other dangerous actions, some are psychosomatic habits that many can’t help and have found support groups for, some are fetishized and sexual in nature and some are, well, just plain bizarre.
This list sets out to explore the weirdest of the weird when it comes to these subcultures. Keep in mind that these activities aren’t merely comprised of one or two curious people trying something out for kicks. Each of these subcultures boast a significant following that exists entirely outside of the mainstream. On one hand, when you consider that there are over six billion people on the Earth, it isn’t surprising that people are typically able to find a shared interest in the same odd endeavor. On the other hand, though, there are some pretty weird ones in here.
They say that variety is the spice of life, and so it surely makes our society more interesting to know that there is no normal, uniform approach to recreation time that dictates the habits of the entire populace. We all have our own definition of just what, exactly, normal is and so who’s to say that your definition is right while someone else’s is wrong. From an outsider’s perspective, things like paying someone to pierce holes in your body and slapping another person’s hand as a sign of support and celebration may seem strange in their own right, but they are commonly accepted practices as part of our culture. With that in mind, let’s examine some of the stranger subcultures that are presently bringing people together.
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