Most Dangerous Photos People Have Ever Taken

top 10 dangerous selfies and pictures you won’t believe exist
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We live in an age where documentation is king. Through social media, we share even menial details from our lives along with photos of moments both notable and hardly so. With this emphasis on capturing moments, there comes an accompanying desire to present oneself as more interesting and exciting as they might otherwise be. That has turned some into aggressive paparazzi wannabes in the presence of a famous face and others into selfie stick-toting global travelers. For certain adrenaline junkies, however, there has been an increased embrace of high-risk, high-reward daredevil photography.
Let’s take a moment to appreciate the nerves of steel required to say ‘cheese!’ from atop a mountainous skyscraper. After all, not everyone in the world has the courage needed to create an eye-popping snapshot. Many explorers who embark on daring pursuits of stunning photography have taken the time to properly prepare and train in the art of safe climbing and seeking thrills without necessarily putting their bodies on the line. The intrepid, fearless folks represented in these 10 instances of dangerous photography all survived their ordeal, with those who deliberately placed themselves in unsafe situations going back for more afterwards.
Still, there’s an undeniable stupidity in play here. Little is worth risking life and limbs, particularly not a cool photo. As the popularity of aerial photography, popularly known as ‘rooftopping’, has grown more widespread, tragic stories of associated accidents have served as a stark, somber reminder of the dangers inherent. In 2015 alone, a 17-year-old man fell off of a building in Russia to his death and a 24-year-old New York native fatally dropped from the roof of the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan. Back in 2012, a photographer died in Chicago after falling into the smokestack of a high-rise building in the city. Though police in urban centers all over the world are now aware and mindful of the dangers associated with rooftopping, it is a difficult craze to crack down on for law enforcement.
Of course, scaling dramatic heights isn’t the only way to take a perilous picture. Mixed into this list along with daredevil aerialists dedicating their lives to death-defying visuals are folks who, both knowingly and unknowingly, produced a stunning candid out of a moment of pure terror. These individuals can thank their lucky stars after having lived to tell the tale – and share the photo for proof – after run-ins with vicious grizzly bears and hungry lions, stumbling into environments featuring breathtaking lightning storms and screaming baseballs.
Considering the dire circumstances in play, the end result for these enterprising photographers wound up being a pretty good one. With death looming as an all-too-real possibility, they all not only survived but came away as viral superstars for an image as authentic as it is amazing. It probably goes without saying, but these photos most certainly should not be tried at home. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, only one word is needed to sum up the statement behind most of these pictures: “whoa”.
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