25 Greatest Warriors History Has Ever Seen

There have been many great individuals in various fields of human endeavor throughout history from science to the arts, philosophy to politics, business to technology, but none of these greats has spilled more blood than the greatest warriors in history. So take a deep breath and get ready to discover 25 of the deadliest, most vicious, and bloodthirsty warriors who ever lived.
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Alaric the Visigoth
Count Roland
Horatius Cocles
Prince Rupert of the Rhine
William Wallace
Basil II (The Bulgar-Slayer)
Attila the Hun
Yue Fei
Eric Bloodaxe
Vlad the Impaler
Sun Tzu
Scipio Africanus
Xiahou Dun
Hannibal Barca
Pyrrhus of Epirus
Richard the Lionheart
Miyamoto Musashi
Julius Caesar
Leonidas of Sparta
Genghis Khan
Alexander the Great
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NOTE: Sorry for the audio on this one. Im currently in NEW YORK CITY! (Yay!) and you won’t believe how difficult it is to find a nice quiet place to record in (really difficult). So I apologize. But I do hope you guys find the info interesting and well worth the watch. 🙂

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